What is ESMA?


What is ESMA?

The Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology, otherwise known as ESMA, is a Federal Authority that ensures the quality of goods entering the UAE market.
Local and imported products are verified for compliance against National Standards meaning anyone looking to sell products in the UAE has to obtain ESMA approval before legal sale.

Why is this important?

ESMA ultimately determines whether branded e-liquid products are accredited for sale in the UAE. The regulatory compliance standards they set out require significantly re-designing product packaging in order to meet the criteria.

Compliance Solutions

MAX VAPE’s Compliance Team have first-hand experience in facilitating entry into the UAE market. We have carefully tailored our own product packaging, as well as our brand partners’, to meet regulatory compliance standards in the UAE.

MAX VAPE’s winning formula takes our customers right through the artwork approval process and onto the shelves, allowing our brand partners to grow with minimal effort.

This market-leading know-how sets us apart from other distributors and provides our brand with greater security over their products, saving them time and money in the process.

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